The Most Qualified

The Most Qualified
by JC Miller
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What is going on out in the business world you might ask yourself? If you found out that those that are actually qualified for the jobs out there are the ones not getting hired would it upset you? How about this strange truth, what if those that are being put in positions had absolutely no prior experience in that field, no college degree in that job that requires one, and that job could cost you your life. What if that job that is filled by the unqualified candidate because of politics and corruption in the work force damaged that company. Your stock prices fell and it damaged your hard earned invested money. What if the entire company collapsed or could have been twice as big and wealthy by just hiring the most qualified? Why is America and possibly the rest of the world falling into hiring the least qualified or just on a political decision? American is and has been in trouble and the reason that it is in trouble financially with trillions in debt and horrible decisions being made daily in the business world is because the least qualified are taking all the most qualified jobs and opportunity. What if your pilot didn’t have a license? What if your doctor didn’t go to school? What if your financial advisor had no experience with finance? Well then what if the CEO of a company had little to no business background or education and you lose your job because poor decisions were made at the top. Find out what and why this is going on in this hit book by JC Miller.




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The Most Qualified JC Miller













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